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You would definitely want to get your amazing cuisines in front of new and existing customers. We would be extremely happy to be part of that process.

Join our network right now and start growing your restaurant, promote your products, events, acquire new customers, and basically whatever you want to grow your business.

How EIB Can Help You?

Increase Sales

You are definitely doing incredible work with your restaurant. But it is always great to focus on improving things. Let's work smart and get the store sales to next level.


We would love to put up your hard-work, planning, and strategies, across EIB's network. We are proud to say that we have a perfect audience base along with some amazing food influncers who love to work with us and your restaurant.

Product and Events

Do you have some amazing products to sell? Hosting an amazing event? Then yea, we are here to help you promote your restaurant's events and provide you a great platform to showcase and sell your products.

Let's Plan More

Plan ahead with EIB and register your business in the minds of customers. We'll plan, we'll strategize, and execute everything perfectly.

Are you Ready?

Firstly, hats off to your dedication for working in such a dynamic industry.

We are always looking for an amazing and dedicated restaurant partnership. We are here to help you maximum to drive good traffic to your store (perhaps more than Silkboard)

Please reach out to us by emailing - [email protected]

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