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It's primarily for updating you if the restaurant/recipe submitted has been approved or not.

Also, FB/Insta links are for those who submit us the recipe.

You can visit Eat In Bangalore Recipes Page to see how our contributors image or box would look like.

Additionally, need those for contributors section on our Restaurant Page which is coming very soon.

Many more stuff coming soon. And, for a contributor, it's special. Pandemic is what's stopping us.

Following are what you can expect in the future updates

  • Points for every contribution you make.
  • Grab awesome deals and discounts¬†on your bills up on reaching certain limit.
  • Get the insights report for the restaurant/recipes added by you.
  • Add friends, follow bloggers, and build community on Eat In Bangalore

It totally depends on the number of request we get. But we make sure to approve your submission in a day or Two.

Following would be the main occasion why your listing wouldn't be approved:

  • If the images are taken from Google/or any other source
  • We want our users to land on best places. So, it works like this.

We approve > good reviews and ratings > Restaurant stays on our website.

Negative Ratings > we initiate to remove that place from our database.

So, What are you waiting for?

Add your favorite restaurant or recipe right now!



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